I Love the 80s: The Muppets
Marty Feldman hosted an entire episode in drag as scheherazade.

I always a fan of Chases line in Fletch "Excuse me Miss, can I borrow your towel? My car just hit a water buffalo." Murray's "Dogs and Cats living together...total chaos" was also a fave. John Belushi danced on the graves of his cast mates even though he died in 1982-the first of all of them to pass away.

What would the 80s have been without the Muppets? For me, it would have been a much sadder place. (And I grew up in rural CT where we had more than enough sadness to go around.) The Muppets were so important that in high school our favorite game was to cast and recast the show with our friends. (I was often cast, because of my size not my nature, as Robin.)

After watching the Jabberwocky section of the Brooke Shields episode, I was terrified and have never watched that episode since. When I was in grad school I popularized the theory that everyone ws scared of one Muppets episode as a kid. I was always fond of Charles Aznavor singing Inchworm, Harvey Korman as a Beast Tamer, Roger Moore singing Walk with the Animals http://www.youtube.co bnm/watch?v=WKAT13XarKQ, and Mark Hamill .

Oh and Mahna Mahna.

What are your fave muppet moments? Who would you be if you could any of the muppets?

Incidentally, what actor hosted his episode of the Muppet Show in drag as Scheherazade?

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