Ex Boyfriend Update
So the Idiot Formerly Known as My Boyfriend, after I've thrown out all his crap and been the stereotypic post break up mess walking around my nightgown for two days, actually poked me on facebook today. Like we're still friends. Like nothing is wrong. Like he's some 14 year old girl. And this little incident reminded me who I am. I'm Bunni Spiegelman. No man has ever broken me and I'll be goddamned if this pansy, who can't even find the balls to PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL ME IF HE'S ALL THAT WORRIED ABOUT MY WELL BEING, is going to be the first. So I made another little YouTube Update featuring my response to Who's Who in Ball-less Glory.

I once said the best thing about being a writer is if I like you, I'll make you famous and if I hate you...I'll make you famous.

(Incidentally anyone out there maybe help me out so I can embed these videos on my blog? Anyone?)


If he had but sprung for the $1 gift of the day, or at least had the class and wit to throw a sheep at you, then, then facebook would have been a stylistically acceptable way to demonstate his profound goodness and compassion. Don't you think?
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