Kick-Off Party: NYC Horror Festival
Ok let me get this over with right now: I MET JOE BOB BRIGGS!

I know this means nothing to you, but to me I could die right now. In the words of Hugh Laurie in Blackadder Goes Forth, "I hope I snuff it right now so as to preserve for eternity this moment." I can't tell you what this guy means to me, how many lonely long nights in CT I had only Joe Bob Briggs and Monstervision to keep me company in the night. Because of him I know the history of movies like She and the Exorcist. And I met him. I could really talk and I had to repeat my name three times, but he actually touched me. If I wasn't desperately trying to get out of my office, I would link to his site, but well maybe Ordinary Joe will be the stunning gentleman that he is and provide a link in the comments box for me (thanks for yesterday joe and you did miss a great party and a hooterlicious outfit, my demondate was pleased, incidentally I am writing you an email about your last post-will send it on monday or so). This will be the highlight of my life. It's all down hill from here. (The downhill part, however, involves seeing people like Tom Savini and watching the world premiere of Tobe Hooper's Mortuary.)

I have to be brief-later I will fill in details-but I got to sit at a table chatting with people who have worked with Bryan Singer (can't wait to see his new film on the Zodiac Killer) talking about the effective use of sound in movies like Zombie Honeymoon and the Last Horror Movie. I have to admit I felt out of my element at first. I know my "regular" friends think of me as a horror maven, but please-I am a complete ignoramous compared to the encyclopedic knowledge of these people. Luckily my demondate (so named because of his pull with certain nefarious forces in order to score me a pass to all the events as well as knowing people who could introduce me to JOE BOB BRIGGS!) was more than pleased to serve as my horror film geek liason.

In terms of films, I will just quickly recommend a couple of shorts (I'll add links later when I have the time) Brian Forrest's "A Public Service Announcement", BC Furtney's "Culinary Art", and not nec. horror but still worth a view "The Gamers" by the Dead Gentleman. Tonight, I'll be seeing Mainstream, finally, the buzz is very hot, as well as Nightborhood Watch. Courtesy of Audio Blogger I'll let you know how things are going and next week I shall write a more detailed post recommending films and analyzing some of the more profound films and shorts.

Well I must dash, buy gummy brains, soak in a bath of blueberry bath bomb and elixir bubble bath (imagine a purple bath with silver and blue glitter which smells of jasmine) and then to dress myself in my bunni finery and flounce down to the cinema.

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