You can't fire me, I quit: the final installment of ex boyfriend alley

Well, I saw two ex boyfriends this weekend: the Beast and Israel.

Israel finally decided to actually put in some effort by calling and picking me up and cooking dinner for me. ( And it was a very fine dinner, actually.) And for all who think I shouldn't have done it, I will say this. When I saw him, I thought to myself, "This? This? I was freaking out over this guy? I mean, I can soooooo do better than this. Please." Sitting and waiting for dinner, he commented that I was very quiet, and I realized that I didn't have anything to say to him, that I don't really like him, and I should never have wasted my time pining for the twit. But, and this is an important point, because he called back, because he made me dinner ( and after all the effort I put into our relationship in the past, I totally deserve the effort) I can say that I am leaving this situation on my damn terms.

So there.

The Beast took me to dinner on saturday in order to get my help on his PhD thesis ( don't worry I'm getting help on my math GRE AND a ride on a motorcycle as part of my repayment-I already got a very nice bottle of wine out of the deal). It was more harrowing as the Beast was still as attractive and brilliant as ever. But I learned some important information, like that he and I started dating right after a break up with one of the only major relationships in his life. "In fact," he said, " I was very worried about her seeing us together and going brooklyn on your ass." Jesus, thanks for telling me! All this time I was endagering my life, and I didn't know. Further, he had been in a depression over stolen research. Great NOW he tells me. But what got me was two things: first I got to show him how brilliant I am by correcting his thesis ( he was suitably impressed), and second he really is all about his work. He can't think of anything else, and as I told him on saturday "You know, I knew it would never go anywhere with you because I refuse to take second place to protein trays." In addition, he has no sense of time. He didn't realize that we had been dating for several months and that it had in fact been a year since I had really last seen him. Typical to form he didn't apologize, but he did confide about the two major break ups that precede me by saying, "There's nothing worse than seeing a girl cry and knowing it's your fault." Well, I guess the whole not calling thing was his way of eliminating the problem.

So I came out of the ex boyfriend gauntlet feeling better, finally understanding that NONE of this was my fault. ( Except the dating them to begin with part.)

I feel so much better now.


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