Remember the taste of my flesh. The back of my neck and how it tastes different from the flesh under my breasts. Remember the taste of my lip balm, the taste of my hips.

Remember the feel of me. The pull of my hair, the bite of my lips, the sliding of my tongue over your fingers, thighs, throat. Remember the strength of my hands. The half moons left by nails in your back. My fingertips on your cheek. The weight of my head on your shoulder. How my hair made you itch in the middle of the night. Remember taking off my pants the first time with such energy my shoes came off too ( scaring the cat as they clattered across the room).

Remember how I looked half naked in half light. Half seen in bathroom lights. Looked at through eyes half open from alcohol and smoke. Remember how I look framed by the light of the refrigerator door. How I looked coming out of the bathroom with einstein hair. How I looked coming out my front door on friday night. Remember what I look like coiffed and coiled and oiled. Remember what I look like naked and ruined. Remember what I looked like when I thought you weren't looking.

Remember my laugh. Remember the first time you heard me gasp, the sharp intake of breathe as you put your hand down my shirt at the party. The sound of me saying stop while giggling so you knew I wanted more. Remember the sound of my voice as I talk while falling asleep. Remember me lying on the phone about not being asleep. You keeping me up, not wanting me to sleep. Remember me in the morning, the deep jazz musician who lives in my throat until you gave me green tea. Remember what my smile sounded like on the phone. Remember the sound of my silence, the sound of me listening to you.

Because that is all you have of me now.

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