Well I know you've come to depend on your daily dose of bunnificience, but I have to focus on some other things while I am break. Among the list of things to do, refine some essays and send them for publication, clean my apartment, spend some quality time on the couch with my cat, put an end to my dealings with Fleet Bank (I swear to you the entire staff of this bank is made up of Satan's personal ass raping guards-you want cruel and unusual punishment, go to Fleet Bank), run a variety of errands that I somehow manage to put off for months, maybe pamper myself a bit with a manicure. But I will be taking a little bit of break from blogging. Rest assured I will be posting about my New Year's romping. (Farm Fresh and I have been invited to 2 parties, so we shall have to decide.) And when the semester starts up, there will be more bunni goodness to go around.

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