I'm dreaming of a white birthday

"No, the important thing is that I kept my birthday tradition of gut wrenching horror and torture."-Buffy on her birthday-Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I love snow. When it snows, I turn into a five year old. I go outside and make snowballs to throw at trees and lie down and make snowangels. I run around until I am absolutely frozen and then come back inside just long to avoid hypothermia before I return to the exhilerating chill.

So every year that I can remember I've always wanted snow on my birthday.

Last night I was supposed to go on a date with the Jolly Green Giant, but events conspired against me and I ended staying in upstate new york. Actually I had a great time. I ended up at a dinner party with all kinds of fabulous people including an old personal favorite of mine a french lanscape architect ( there is something amazingly cute about a man who speaks french to cats). I went home properly liquored up and I wake up this morning to snow. Ah, I love it when the universe gives me such nice gifts.

So despite the fact I didn't pull off the boyfriend trick, I did get snow and from what I hear tell Billy has been sending people my way for the birthday comments ( thank you Billy) so my birthday goal of twenty comments seems to be well on its way to being actualized.

And later tonight, dancing with the hot argentine guitarists...sigh....

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