Failure is not an Option

A fellow professor turned in his grades yesterday. On top of teaching classes, he also has to teach workshops. Workshops are essentially recitations, they do not stand on their own. They are "bundled" with other courses. In addition, workshop teachers are not allowed to give homework, but are allowed to give in class assignments. Yet, workshop teachers still submit a grade.

What is based on?

Attendance and class partipation.

This fellow professor had a student who missed 11 classes ( out of a possible 14, as workshops only meet once a week) and the few classes he made it to, he was disruptive and unprepared. The professor tried to fail the student.

He tried.

But he was told by his department head, after submitting the grade form, that he CAN'T fail the student. Granted it says right on the syllabus that only three absences results in a failing grade. Granted the absence policy is DEPARTMENT MANDATED. Granted that the very department head who told him he can't fail the student is the same person who came up with the attendance policy to begin with. Granted the department head couldn't come up with a legitimate reason for not failing him. Still, the professor was basically told he can't fail the student.

I guess those who can't do, teach, and those who can't teach, administrate.

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