18 Days

18 days until my birthday. The last birthday of my twenties. I officially have 378 days to get married or I be forced to marry my gay friend's younger also gay brother. ( A bet I made in college. Perhaps the reason I wisely no longer drink Midori Sours-can't believe I drank such a "girly" drink)

I have two wishes. Not big wishes. One of them is on december 20th I want to get twenty comments on this blog. That is my dream people. So teach your cat to type. Write a comment under an assumed name. By whatever means necessary but on my birthday post, I want those 20 comments ( notice I didn't even go for 29-which will be my age-but rather my birthday-20-as always we here at bunniblog try to be accomodating)

My second wish-I want a boyfriend. I'm not talking about marriage-I'm not talking about bottles of champagne and trips to the bahamas-I'm not even talking about moving in together-I'm talking about a guy to lounge on my couch while we watch "Pitch Black" again while eating chinese take out-I'm talking about a guy who actually calls not just for sex, but just to ask me how my day is going-I'm talking about a guy whose shirts I can steal and whose butt I can pinch while I wait for the six train-I'm talking about a guy who will read aloud to me in bed-someone to snuggle with under the blankets when it is snowing outside-someone to tickle me when I am in a bad mood-someone who can argue with me and win-someone who can drink martinis and snark with the best of them-is that so much to ask?

No? Good. Cause I have 18 days to find him.

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