The Best Way to Start Your Day

Now I know I promised you the Pie Billed Greeb story, which honestly is not to be missed, but I have come to believe that some of you care about the dear life of Bunni and so I thought instead I would relate to you what happened to me today so far.

Last night I was sitting in a coffee bar which is apparently the unofficial headquarters of all NYC teachers when Adam called. Now I never expected to hear from Adam again. I thought it would be a kind of-we fooled around, you wouldn't give me a one night stand so "Asta" type of deal-but no he called and eventually wanted to hang

Today at my work, late, utterly exhausted, with a green silk scarf tied high on my neck-a fresh layer of make up to hopefully cover the sleep deprivation-and smiling quite contentedly. I am also, despite almost no sleep, strangely energized ( although my legs feel as if they are going to fall off).

I've met men who have given me the "I get off on a woman's pleasure" line before-generally it is just a front. ( One guy is college claimed to love to give oral sex, until I finally requested it. Then he put forward a list, LIST, of things I had to do before I could receive the oral pleasure. As if I have that kind of time.) But every once in a while you meet a man who actually means it.

Ah to spend the morning in a totally ruined bed with a hot man who understands a woman's needs.

Somebody give me an amen.

And although I am a little bit embarassed about having to go home and deal with my family with hickeys on my neck ( at the age of 28-the shame!), the pleasure at the very least has mellowed me out enough that I might be able to get through at least one road kill story before I take a hostage.

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