Two Things

First, I am now filled with the "Did I do the right thing?" thoughts. The one's that one to make excuses for the vanishing act (not calling or returning calls or writing back to the email). The ones that say "Oh he was busy out of town, thinking you understood his difficult schedule and then suddenly he's blocked from your email. Now I know it's irrational, but will someone please tell me that I did the right thing?

Also I had the following IM exchange with a student tonight:

Student: We all appreciate that.

Bunni: "we all"- who else is with you?

Student: I meant in the broader sense of all us who have come to love the Bunni that we know

Bunni: You make it sound like I have a fan club.

Student: Sound like?

Bunni: Ok let's not feed my ego-it will only destroy my surly charm.

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