I found myself alone alone alone beside the raging sea
"Pictures of You" by The Cure

Well, I think the time has come to say good-bye to Israel.
And what better way than to have a big public-what i would like to say to you but you're a waste of eloquent prose send off.

So, ahem, here goes.

You know what the first thing they teach us in acting school is? They teach us something very important. The first thing they taught us is is how you find out who a character really is. You can't trust what they say about themselves, people lie and they lie to themselves as well. You can't trust the other characters to tell the truth about your character because there are all these motives and so forth. So what's left? Acts. Acts. That's the only way you can judge a character. You say that you want a relationship and that I'm important. But then you don't return phone calls. Or even notice that I'm not calling. You say that you want an honest relationship, but when I open up to you, you say that it scares you. I may be an English teacher, but I don't just put my faith in words. I put them in acts. And you are sadly lacking in the acts department.

"Phase One of a fight: identify yourself. 'Do you know who I am? Do you know who the fuck I am?'"-Richard Jeni

You told me in the beginning of the relationship that I was an amazing woman. Totally unique. And you know what? You're right. I'm gorgeous, smart, funny, eloquent, accomplished, well read, cultured, and well mannered. You said that you wanted me to be confident. That you wanted me to believe in myself as much as you do. Well, guess what? I do. I believe that I can be treated a lot better than the way you are treating me. Hell, I've been treated better by married men. Monday night I went out, and I was hit on by four men. Four. And one was a totally hot 21 year old. You are not the only one in this relationship who is a valuable commodity. Trust me, my market value is pretty damn high too.

"Phase Two of a fight: identify your attacker. 'And who the fuck are you? Who the fuck do you think you are?'"-Richard Jeni

You said you were totally unique. Let me tell you something. You're so proud of the long hair and the accent. Well, let me tell you all I need a mop and a tape recorder and there you are. You're unique? Please, do you know how many men aren't calling at this particularly juncture in my life? Hundreds. Perhaps thousands. And another being manipulative bastard isn't particularly unique. Trust me, there are men all over New York with your exact same act.

"Interesting game, Professor. The only way to win is not to play."-the Computer from War Ganes

You are a sales manager. You're good at manipulating desire. I admit it. You know how to create it and control it.
What you didn't count on is that I can resist desire. I lived without a tv for seven years. And I lived quite happily without you for 28 years. Something tells me I can make it without you.

PS Your cat is dead. Name of a play I saw once when I was kid starring Horseshack from Welcome Back Kotter

And yeah, I am absolutely astounding in bed. Once a man has sex with me, he will never want to touch another woman as long as he lives. In the words of Buffy Summers, I have muscles you haven't even begun to imagine.

And imagining is all you have left, baby.

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