Oh wait, it gets worse

Ok so I haven't actually spoken to Israel since friday. he sent me an email today asking me if I was still crazy as my behavior is scaring him. SCARING HIM? As if this sudden radio silence is doing wonders for my skin.I look ashen. I can't eat or sleep. Ok that's because of the math section of the GRE but he isn't helping. The problem is knowing the right thing to do in any situation. I've already thrown the rules book out the window so deciding what to do, when you play by your own set of ideas, is always more complex. Well I did the one thing that probably every woman in the world says you shouldn't do, I wrote out an explaination, a truthful one.
of course, I haven't heard back yet. But at least I know that I said what was I thinking.
Oh you want to know what I wrote? Well, nothing incendiary. It was simply an explaination, in non blaming terms, why I was nervous and what caused me to panic and why I wasn't sure how to address things with him now. I didn't blame him for his radio silence, in fact I didn't even mention it, except to say that understanding the correct thing to do when the territory is unfamiliar is always difficult at best. Just look at my students I give them clear rules and they still rarely have a clue.
Actually it was quite a lovely little letter (go figure, english teacher and all, so I'm curious to see how he'll re-act to it) I'll let you know.

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