"Because at the age of eight, you don't have the wit or verbal dexterity to say, 'Go fuck yourself.'"-Paul Merton (improvisational and stand-up comic)

And no I'm not referring to the Matrix, the last installment of which I still haven't seen and yes I'm bitter about that ( anyone want to offer an invite?)

I prefer not to think of Israel anymore. If I can't have him and never will, well, why bother thinking about the twit? I mean, let's be honest, he is no Orlando Bloom. All he's got is long hair and accent ( oh wait that DOES make him Orlando Bloom).

Over the last weekend many ideas have been offered including that he is married or has a girlfriend already ( which seems possible) another alternative is this whole ordeal was some sort of bet or challenge ( just to see if he could) or the result of some totally unforeseen circumstance (think Ilsa in Casablanca-oh whoops my husband is still alive-sorry about that-of course, she did leave a note). A final possibility is that he found the blog.

Well, I've eliminated that last one by posting his full name on the blog. More likely, considering his interest in my career, was he was shopping for some more influental girlfriend ( ie he already had one and was trying to find an upgrade).

But really it doesn't matter. He's over. There are only five million more where he came from ( and that's just in this city).

I spent friday night making out on my front door with a hot blonde hair blue eyed italian chef named Adam. To some degree Adam reminded me of why I liked Israel so much. On the other hand, Adam also reminded me of why I should care less about Israel.

Adam looked in my eyes and said "I've been starring at you from the moment you came in. Now that I'm talking you I'm just glad I have an excuse."

Yeah, baby, aren't we all?

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