Happy Thanksgiving

So far... my mother and I have made the roasted parnsips and carrots with butter and thyme, the mashed potatoes, the white and sweet potato au gratin (we're Irish of course we have two potato dishes), the salad dressing, the turkey dressing...tomorrow we will be making the pumpkin nut muffins, shallots baked in red wine, the turkey, gravy, and biscuits.

Projected itinerary:

7 am attempt to wake up
730 attempt tp wake up

8 have leisurely cup of tea, shower, get dressed, fight with mother over who gets to use the "good" mirror to put on her make up

9 make pumpkin nut muffins and shallots in red wine

10 stuff turkey in the oven

1030 begin to set table

1045 cats totally destroy table settings

11 begin drinking red wine

1130 clean up kitchen

1230 pour second glass of wine-prepare snacks for relatives

1 projected time of arrival for relatives

230 actual time of arrival of relatives ( either that or 1030)

230-330 attempt to keep relatives out of the kitchen-put already made items in oven to warm-remove turkey-put finishing touches on the table

330 have third glass of wine while attempting to get relatives to sit at the table and eat salad while my mother and I finish warming the food
-open up a bottle of wine for the rest of the family

345 eat

430 everyone but me passes out in front of the tv

5 bunni retires to her room with the remainder of her bottle of wine and finishes reading Goethe's the Sorrows of Young Werther

530 Bunni falls asleep and misses tea and cookies with the fam

10 Bunni wakes up to find everyone asleep-sneaks downstairs for leftovers

1130 Bunni retires to her bedroom to congratulate herself on surviving another family holiday

I'll let you all know how it goes-an perhaps post this year's road kill story

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