Proposed Moratorium

Some wandering student left a copy of their AM New York, currently a free daily newspaper, in my office while I was at home drinking the Jerry Garcia. I was looking over the first page while I tried to organize myself this morning and spotted this comment from out invisible mayor "Since 9/11 the statue [of Liberty] has been closed due to security concerns, in some sense the terrorists have won..."

Enough, we have reached total saturation with the "terrorists have already won" rhetoric. I mean even companies like Taco Bell and Budweiser have learned to pull an ad campaign or a slogan when it goes over the edge from "really popular" to "downright annoying." ( If only the show Full House learned that one a little sooner. Actually was Full House EVER popular? Is that why it ran on FX for so long?) The time has come to get a couple of ad execs together or maybe even a thesaurus for the love of g-d and come up with something that has some vague tinge of originality.

That's all I ask for from my patriotic propaganda, just a hint of originality.


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