So Far...

8:30 woke up had morning tea and a freshly baked pumpkin nut muffin

9-1030 finish potato gratin, made shallots in red wine

1030 put turkey in oven

1045 shower, make-up, clothes

1130 opened bottle of red wine, prepared snacks for guests, personally tasted assortment of cheeses, made shrimp cocktail, scarfed some green chili and garlic flavor pistachios, cut lemons for iced tea

1200 guests unbelievably arrive on time

1205 am annoyed beyond all belief already by guests milling around the kitchen even though snacks are arranged on the dining room table as incentive to get them out

1245 guests are finally effectively herded into the living room

1 two glasses of red wine later I am hiding in the library-still awaiting the arrival of last guest

projected time of completed cooking:330

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