The Ethics of Disclosure

The Cult of Steve has linked to me and placed a question about listing the full names of SOME people on the men who haven't called listed and questioned my ethics( He implied it was perhaps a case of me not HAVING the full name as opposed to choosing to expose only certain individuals). Well, I don't think Steve bothered to read some of these entries, he might understand why I have a men who don't call list. IF he had even quickly read over some of Israel entries he might have begun the figur eout why I choose disclosure in some cases, but not all. With Israel, here is a man who referred to me as his girlfriend, made a variety of promises including vacation plans for the break, AND paying for my grad school, a man who told me I was important to him, and then vanished without an excuse. Not even a "Um, it's over, deal with it" email. Eric, well, we don't need to go into that. With John Gargano HE PROPOSED MARRIAGE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD-that doesn't warrant a call back anymore? With other men I have given nicknames or just a first name because their lack of response didn't warrant full or even partial exposure. But in each case I carefully examine the merits of why I should expose a person. In some cases I have been very torn and I have resorted to some rather sneaky ways of exposing individuals in more subtle ways ( for those o fyou who remember the Married Man and Volta incidents).

In addition, Steve didn't read too far because he questioned the veracity of my statement "I haven't slept with all these men." Admittedly I slept with some of them. I slept with Eric and the Beast, but not with Israel or Sean the Hot French Mover (not for any lack of desire0trust me-I truly wish I HAD slept with Israel-I stay up late nights pining about Israel-I wake up from dreams about Israel drooling damn it ). I haven't been exactly shy about being upfront about my sexual exploits. Hell I admittedly have the male harem, but still I didn't sleep with all of those men. In addition, there ARE men I HAVE slept with who have had the decency to call back. And a big thank you to them. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep up the good work.

In most cases the people I write about here know about the blog and therefore if they have any objection they can contact me directly. I have forwarded possible boyfriends and ex boyfriends links so that they can see what is posted, and so far NOT A ONE HAS OBJECTED. ( in fact some looked forward to see what I would say about them on the blog and were hurt to find themselves not mentioned) Now maybe it's because they think I won't listen, but I haven't gotten one irate phone call, one how dare you do this, NOT ONE. Which leads me to believe that THEY don't have a problem with it. However, if they have a problem they can let me know.

Notice that the sidebar states exactly what it is-men who didn't call-not men who raped kittens or men who refused to give me a kidney or men who cause cancer-for crickeys sake.

And by the way, if I led a man on, and totally acted like he was the man for me and I'll definately call you tomorrow and bring roses and champagne and then dropped him without so much as a "By the way it's over dear" or "you know my ex boyfriend just moved back into town" then I would have no problem with that man posting my full name on his blog. Because I, at the very least, no matter how cruel and detached have had the decency to call and say it's over.

Here ends my rant.

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