Birthday Bunni

I know the suspense is killing you. This year I'm celebrating my birthday Roman style-I'm making it last a WHOLE WEEK LONG-damn it is the last birthday of my twenties I am making it last. Thursday night-formal holiday party-friday dinner party-saturday night-which turned into sunday-uh details forthcoming-today a bouquet of roses and a bottle of wine as well as a mystery email ( more on that with tomorrow's post "ex boyfriend alley").

Saturday was a great birthday. I frolicked in the snow in the morning and got to take a farewell bath in my mother's glorious bathroom. A former student ( in a way sort of) took me out to dinner. ( Don't worry-she is a girl-and it was to show her appreciation of my help) Later I hooked up with a female friend and we went to a party. All day people hugged me and kissed me. I got all the comments I asked for and mroe. Even if nothing else had happened, I felt loved and that's the best present anyone can ever get. It was a Capra-esque day.

and now for the pay off for all those birthday comments-the scandal

OK I had a crazy night that I blogged about in this post , you might want to review it as Dorian Gray and Super Freak ( both identified in that post) resurfaced for my birthday.

I was invited to a party by Dorian Gray. After a few phone calls and a few almost meets that got cancelled, he just HAPPENS to leave a message about a party on my birthday-and the hot argetines hadn't called-so serendipity-A party with fabulous gay men in the village! Food, drink, snarkiness-the three major food groups.

Well my friend and I proceeded down to the party where we were greated by Super Freak, mr now that I am divorced I am going to hit on everything within a three mile radius in a fairly creepy way (and despite his creepiness there is something strangely attractive about him, but we resist because he is creepier than he is attractive) and Dorian and Dorian's straight brother, Farm Fresh, who bears a family resemblance-same laugh, same smile, but lucky for me not the same sexual orientation.

Farm Fresh became my birthday target ( as the Jolly Green Giant never called me back). I mean, c'mon every birthday needs a little scandal, a little goose, a little oh yeah right THERE, a little "I'm the prettiest damn girl on the planet."

Needless to say by the time the hot Argentines called at one o'clock I was not in any condition to samba. I was happily ensconced with a blonde man and a glass of red wine.

Now, remember when I pined for the afternoons I spent with my first boyfriend-those days when I could spend all day in my bed just kissing him and nothing more?

Guess what I got for my birthday?

We went back to Farm Fresh's place and we kissed, and kissed, and kissed, and fell asleep and spent the whole day kissing and napping and kissing.

As I said, sometimes the universe gives you some really great presents.

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