What I should have said

Well since none of you seem to have any response to emotional apathy, I thought I would give you what you have come to expect from me-invective aimed at men. Oh no, not any man in general, my floridian dalliance:

Alright, someone needs reminding about his place in the natural order of things. I'm going to give it to you fast and nasty not because that's the way you like it, but because that is the only way to penetrate the seven layers of titanium steel that surround that tiny thing you like to call a brain.

You are an aging playboy who is in good shape for his age, but you're closer to my mother's age than my father is. You have limited intelligence and even less education. I would be impressed if you could even manage to win a round of Trivial Pursuit. You have a face with "personality" and although you have some limited abilities, I've had better. Much, much better. About the nicest thing which can be said of you is that you have a certain ignorant charm, like a brain damaged puppy.

I, on the other, have a comprehensive education. It is hard to find a topic on which I can't converse and converse with some authority. I'm also beautiful and have an amazing body, which I know how to use every inch of this body in ways that your tiny mind can't even begin to conceive. I could pick up a better man than you before I even leave baggage claim.

You were a momentary distraction. The only thing that seperates you from other men is the fact that they only imagine what it's like to be with me and you absolutely positively know just how good it is. So go on honey, go home and dream. Because that's the only way you'll ever be able to have me again.

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