What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?
Lately I've been on a scary movie binge. Here on some random notes on the some of the scary movies I've been watching lately courtesy of Netflix.

The Grudge
I recently saw the Grudge, a remake of Ju-on, this weekend. It is an interesting horror movie. I rather liked the utter lack of morality. You are trying to do the right thing, help the dead find peace, save a drowning boy, take care of a catatonic woman, that's great, you have still won a fate worse than death-don't you wish you died being a hedonistic materialist scumfuck now dontcha? You also get to see a man scream, ok it's Ted Raimi, but he still counts. Sure, there are the usual horror movie pitfalls (even in Japan avoid attics and closets), but I found my body relaxing when the final credits rolled.

Now I could go on about the imagery and the symbolism, but, well I'm tired and there is a snowstorm outside, so let's keep it short and to the point so that I can get to see Cursed to tonight (it's Wes Craven-the man who brought you Scream) and then curl up with kitty and have cocoa.

On the cast and crew commentary, either the producer or the script writer, made the comment that "There really hasn't been a horror movie where the house itself has been the main character." Uh, Amnityville Horror? And if you squint you could also involve movies like The Shining, The Haunting, The House on Haunted Hill, and 13 Ghosts. (Dare I even mention Ghost Ship?) It's a good movie guys, but you aren't reinventing the atom.

The most impressive part is realizing that there is almost no CGI involved in The Grudge. Almost all the tricks involve make-up (including "bloody" eye drops) , a contortionist, theatrical tricks (trap doors) and trick camera work. Many shots took hours to line up, and some of the japanese actors worked up to 18 hours because they aren't unionized. On the other hand, Sarah Michelle Gellar and other cast mates spent a great deal of time enjoying the beauties of Japan as well as copious amounts of sake (hey she admits it herself) courtesy of SAG.

Netflix Spoiler:Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Just a quick line about the twit who writes the liner notes on the cover of Netflix movies. On the coverof the Texas Chainsaw Massacre the first line reads "Sole survivor Jessica Beil. Yeah, thanks for the info, fuckwit. It makes the movie significantly less scary when you know who is going to liveand who is on the express checkout lane for bloody miserable limb hacking death. Still it's worth a view. And the creepy kid from the Ring is in it as a bucktoothed inbred little freak.
Comings soon:Indepth analysis of Red Dragon and more adventures with the Amazon, Arthur, and Texas T...Plus a very Indecent Proposal

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