Reason 1457 I Love My Mother

So my mother and I are having dinner after seeing the musical version of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. We are discussing our trip to Italy.
Mother Bunni: Well, I was thinking about when we come back. We will have to get two seperate cars from the airport, one to take you home and one to take me to Penn Station.
Bunni: Why not just take a car to my place, you can stay the night, and then go to Penn Station the next day?
Mother Bunni: I have a Board meeting the next day.
Bunni: What kind of psychopath are you?
My mother gives new definition to the phrase "iron will." She could make Arnold Schwartzenegger look like a pussy.
Bunni: Look considering how the Board treats you, tell the Board to go fuck themselves this once.
Mother Bunni: They lack the necessary imagination for suck a task.
At which point I laughed for five minutes.
Mother Bunni: Seriously, without my leadership skills, they would be able to envision how to zip up their flies.
G-d, I love my mother.

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