Conversation in a black convertible Jaguar passing by the ocean
"What are you thinking about?"

"That purple plant back at the university. Wondering what it was."

"Probably the university plant."

"The university plant?"

"You know, universities have colors and mascots and I guess even plants."

"Do you know what our university plant is? The violets."

"The violets? You have a football team called the violets?"

"We don't have a football team."

"You don't? But it's a unversity."

"Where would we put them? We have a basketball team and yes they are the violets. And we have a crew team. A pretty good one."

"You have to really like vomiting to be on crew. That and college long distance running. I mean, if you run that far, you better really enjoying puking."

"I'm glad you feel close enough to me to admit to your bulimia."

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