Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow
According to MSN, the above links to the "worst rejections men have faced." And with the exception of the guy who got the Singles with STDs line, I have to say "Excuse me while I go buy a box of Meow Mix for you guys because all y'all is pussies." I have a suspicion people, don't ask me where I get it from, but I have a feeling we can do better. Don't worry, I'll start.
Worst rejection by a guy:
A guy asked me out on a date, then called back and said "You know, I've been thinking about it and you're too short for me. Does that make me shallow?"
Worst come-on line:
"You know, you're the shortest person I've ever met." (Are you sensing a trend here?)
Worst break-up line I have ever been given:
After just one date "I can't see us together three months from now."
Worst break-up I initiated: I broke up with a guy on Valentine's Day which also happened to be his birthday.
OK but let's not forget the good times
Best guy on the street come on line: "Hey baby, would you be my wife during the day?"
Now it's your turn.

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