A Day in the Life of the Bunni or why I don't blog as much as I should
I thought I would give you a little rundown of an average Bunni day so you might understand why it is that I don't blog perhaps as often as the rest of you would like. The day in question is yesterday.

9 am or there about-minimal consciousness is achieved followed by a shower, debate about outfit, outfit selected, outfit rejected, second outfit selected, doubts about second outfit, original outfit contemplated again, third outfit selected and donned

930 or so coffee at favorite coffee place with Bakerina

1100 embark to feed friend's cat

1115 go to hardware store to pick up yarn in order to finish get well present

1140 Bakerina and I get on the M15 going downtown

12:15 Disembark around 28th street

12:17 begins to rain

12:20 Bakerina and I seek shelter at Curry in a Hurry

1:00 Bakerina and I go to School Products where I marvel over yarn from Italy and France as well as several books on crochet. I control myself and buy only what I need for two projects.

1:40 Bakerina and I go to M and J Trim where we wonder in childlike awe of ribbons, buttons, appliques, lace, and crystals.

2:30 Bakerina and I decide to go to a yarn store at the Seaport.

2:45 Bakerina and I discover after much underground meandering that the 4 and 5 are completely closed going downtown. We take the 2 instead.

4:00 We finally arrive at Seaport Yarn. There is an amazing inventory but not enough airconditioning. We quickly make our purchases.

4:35 After more underground wandering, we discover that essentially every train we might be able to take is out and cursing New York public Transit. We jump on the two uptown covered in sweat.

5:00 After walking upstairs stying to find the L we decide to take the bus instead.

5:20 We arrive at Knit New York where I find a crochet magazine and several crochet hooks. The cafe is crowded and so we end up sitting next to a large family including one ten year old girl wearing a skirt short enough to be a belt desperately in need of a sedative and some self control. Bakerina and I set ourselves up at a table and get some lemonade and finally relax with our yarn for a bit.

6:30 Bakerina and I head uptown on the bus.On our way there we discover that the L is also closed and silently thank our wisdom at not seeking it out and ending up even more sweaty and frustrated than we already were.

7:05 Bakerina and I rendez-vous with her husband. We grab a slice and leisurely head over to Clerks II.

7:50 After marveling over the line for My Super Ex Girlfriend, Clerks II begins to a modest audience.

9:35 Thoroughly pleased, we leave the theater.

10:00 I head over to feed friend's cat. On the way I run into a guy who according to the girl's bathroom network is attracted to me physically and mentally, but has just gone through a bad break up with his girlfriend and so doesn't want to "lead me on" because he doesn't want another relationship. Decide to say hello but not stop walking.

10:15 Feed cat and drink a glass of water. So hot my clothes are sticking to my body. Call friends to see what is going on. I am promised later hijinx and phone calls.

10:35 Return to my properly cool apartment. No phone calls.

11:15 Finishing stitching up pocketbook (present). Begin next project.No phone calls.

1:00 Lights out, but unable to sleep. No phone calls.

2:30 Fall asleep. No phone calls.

There you have it the non stop excitement that is my Saturday.

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