Random Feverish Thoughts
I am sick AGAIN. Goddamn it, I hate being sick. I wish someone would just take me out back and shoot me. On top of that, I go in to teach tomorrow, and I am terrified. Yeah, at first I was excited. Three different courses including a literature course, but now I realize I'm totally unprepared and unqualified. HELP HELP. I am furiously typing syllabii as we speak.

Since I've been sick, I've been burning my way through Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My dance teacher has EVERY SEASON ON DVD AND HAS LOANED ALL OF THEM TO ME. You know how dogs will eat until they explode? I'm like that with DVDs. I have to watch them almost the minute I get them. I'll stay up hours to watch an entire movie and then watch it again with commentary and then watch it again until every last extra is tattooed on my cerebral cortex so that I can recall for it years to come. I got the DVDs on Friday, right now I'm on disk 4 season three. You do the math about how much Buffy I've watched this weekend.

It kind of goes with my Peter Pan arrested devlopment to watch a show like Buffy. But there are some great lines in there like Xander's response to Buffy's "I just think of you as a friend" line, "I I've don't deal well with rejection, which is funny since I've had so much practice."

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