Before there was Paris Hilton, there was...

So this morning as I was on my way to work I saw the news about Anna Nicole Smith. Now, true I once made a very derogatory comment about her Trim Spa ad campaign, but I was unnerved by how surprised I was about the news.

I was more rattled by the headline accompanying her photo: Tragic Beauty

Uh, no. She isn't some sweet lovely young thing who remained virtous and yet still came to an undeserved end. She isn't quite at the level of Francesca or Iseult or even Catherine of Wuthering Heights. Perhaps it's because of how she lived her life in public that I can't see her as a tragic heroine even taking into consideration the death of her son. (And that truly is a tragedy.)

I would say the real tragic beauty in this situation is Anna Nicole's daughter. The paternity of this poor girl, as one can imagine, is in dispute. These are the makings of Victorian tragedy-an innocent girl orphaned by unfortunate circumstances and thrust into the news as well as gossip columns from the moment she was born.

I have to say if I had to pick between Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole. Well, I definitely would prefer Anna.

Never thought I would ever say that in my life.

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