I Love the 80s: Burt Reynolds
Love in Hell was published after Groenig's girlfriend offered to publish Life in Hell in book form. The Simpsons were originally part of the Tracey Ullman Show until they proved more popular than she did. In the 80s, Bart became popular quickly and soon there were t-shirts proudly proclaiming "Eat My Shorts" and "Kowabunga, dude!"

Oh what would my childhood have been like without Burt? That laugh? That stache? That...did I mention the laugh? Burt appeared in the Cannonball Run, although most don't realize it was a spoof of what 70s film? Name at least 4 other famous cast members appearing in the film including the ultimate female representative of 80s hair.

Before there was Brangelina and Tomcat, Burt was one half of an 80s supercouple. Who was his girlfriend who he married in 1988?

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