I Love the 80s: Love Boat vs Fantasy Island
Julie Brown's ultra annoying tagline was "Wubba wubba wubba." Kurt Loder was THE face of Mtv news.

Unfortunately I have a friend coming over to bring supplies and do the general go team go thing so the next few posts will be a bit on the brief side. Forgive me. But for now it's time for you to entertain me.

I really liked both of these shows as a child. I was young I WAS VERY YOUNG, and as I was writing I was wondering if I had to choose which one would I want to visit. I'm all about Fantasy Island (1978-1984). I mean, you could get ANYTHING. I could meet Cary Grant before he died or invest in Toys R Us.

On the other hand, the Love Boat (1978-1986) had....Gopher, Isaac, and the Doc. Not to mention really annoying Julie. Put them up against Herve Villechaize. Incidentally, what country is Herve from? In in 1998 the show was remade. What actor was cast to replace Mr Roarke? In 1986 what did Gopher become?

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