Stuck in Cape Cod
Don't have much time to write as I've borrowed a computer while I attempt to untie the gordian knot which is the how exactly do I get back to NYC since the bolt bus for tomorrow is sold out. I'm awaiting my host to discuss options. Details will emerge.

This has been a miserable, miserable week.

Well, not THAT miserable, but fairly miserable on and off. I would say the more appropriate term would be alienating.

And now I'm stuck here.

Not that I want to go home, you see, but all the options present problems. I could take the Acela train from Boston (which is just as fast as a bus-no joke) or for a bit more I could stay in a hotel in Boston for the night, maybe go to the aquarium, and take the bus on Saturday-or I could rent a hotel room in Ptown, change my ferry tickets, and then take the bus home all on Saturday.

Of course if my host ever arrives it would make figuring this out alot easier, but as usual it seems when I need people the most they are not around.

Interesting how that works.

Oh here they are now. Wish me luck.

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