A Word of Advice
Being a writer who uses her personal life for material, I often run the risk of offending people, particularly people I know or have known in real life. In the past, I've refrained from posting material here to protect the interests of others. Unfortunately,when I have, the results of have been messy. So now, consequences be damned, I write what I want. As I said, this may be painful for others, but my closest friends accept and understand this fact. I am, and always will be, a writer first.

If you find the material here hurtful and offensive, then you should go elsewhere. The blogosphere is filled with brilliant writers, and my side bar is filled with nifty places to go visit. It is not my intention to cause pain, but the chief purpose of this blog is to be an outlet not just for my creative work, but also for my feelings. If you find yourself being hurt or insulted, then it is your responsibility to protect your own sensibilities and find another site you enjoy.

For those of you who continue to enjoy and support this blog, thank you and I hope you will be pleased to note that I intend to resume posting on a more regular basis. My next series of posts will be about my trip to NOLA as I know how popular my travelogues are.

Now, this post is entirely too serious so here is a picture of the margarita I enjoyed at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville in NOLA. I post it, belatedly, in honor of Cinco de Mayo! Hope you all enjoyed some quality tequila.

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