The Sword of Damocles Falls on Bunni

"You will stand outside on the green lawn, your face up toward the sun; your hands will be outstretched, palms open; and you will speak these words: "What have I done, what have I done, what have I done." WASP by Steve Martin

Ok so I get online today and there on my buddy list is Damocles. Remember that promise to give me a motorcycle ride no matter what happened on the trip? Well, much as I thought, it was "I promise to give you a motorcycle ride no matter what happens on this trip as long as it involved you sleeping with me." I Im him casual like, I say "Oh hey, you are back." What does he respond with "You're brilliant." (Actually I would like to say now that I should have saved the conversation but I was so angry I just closed the text box, but trust me this only happened two hours ago so it is fairly accurate.) So I'm like "Hey hey look who is getting pissy for no reason." (I didn't write that.) I write to him that he owes me a motorcycle ride and he tells me that he doesn't honor his promises to women who act like children. Ok now I am pissed. He went off with other chicks and I just ignored him. I didn't make scenes or chase after him. I just acted like he wasn't there and he pretty much did the same thing. At least I had some taste with his replacement. I could have replaced him with any old fifty year old. At least I chose someone cute. Then he goes on about how he doesn't appreciate the rumors I spread about him?! The only rumor I knew about was the rumor that we slept together. I don't know what rumors he is talking about and in typical "mature" male fashion he won't tell me. (That whole you should already know what you did act-because that's the hallmark of the truly emotionally evolved.) I tell him, "Listen the only rumor I know about you is that we slept together, which trust me, I didn't appreciate either. And as for acting as a child, all I did was ignore you after you went off with other women." So then he brings up that the engagement was a hoax. Not that he ever told me that on the ship. I say "Well, I didn't appreciate the hoax." He wants to cut off the conversation (he just writes bye, bye-actually first he wrote buy and then he spelled it correctly.) But then he wanted to go on and argue. I could have argued more, but I was like "Oh you run off with some other chicks. Then he expect me to just welcome you back. When I don't, you climb the first Nordic chick you find and have a faux engagement, which you maintain is real for the rest of the trip. And then you are pissed at me because I ignored you? Interesting." Well I will just have to get that motorcycle ride somewhere else.

But man I am pissed.

I would just it known for the record here that I could put up his AIM screenname or even his real name, but I haven't. Again Bunni excerizes restraint against those who desperately deserve to have their idiocy advertised.

Send rum cake to soothe my little bunni soul.

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