And I feel like the ghost of a total stranger

from the Rules of Attraction by Brett Easton Ellison

Ok so this has been my week so far.

Sunday: Out supporting my karaoke pals on sunday night. End up meeting a woman who is a dominatrix on the side. It's her birthday this week. We exchange numbers. Retrocrush hauls his ass up from work, but is so tired he only hangs until 3:15 am and then heads home. I go home and im Rasputin who arranges to meet with me the next day.

Monday: Staff meeting-also known as the suicide express(will discuss more at some later date)-Rasputin takes me out for a snifter of cognac and then food. He keeps me up until 1:30 in the morning.

Tuesday: go to the ballet-rasputin helps change light bulb-keeps me up until 1:30 in the morning.

Wednesday:go out with the dominatrix-we get hit on wherever we go-I pick up a broadcaster for ESPN and then she and I pick up two Irish bartenders-Robert hauls himself up with three friends-we go to this empty club and then back to my place-by the time we get back to my place it's 6:30 in the morning-we fall asleep-he gets up at 11 to go to work-I sleep until 2

Thursday: Dominatrix has her birthday at brother jimmy's. The espn broadcaster takes me to an excellent dinner and then we head over to jimmy's for the party. We end up drinking from fishbowls filled with liquor, and the dominatrix sings karaoke.

friday: I get up and do some reading-develop a migraine and spend the rest of the day sleeping it off-needless to say I will not be going out tonight ( right that's what I said last night)

if my students had an idea what I get up to when no one is looking, they would be shocked and appalled-it used to be I acted too mature for my age-now it seems that I have regressed-ain't backlash a bitch?

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