"It would be so nice, it would be paradise, to come home to you..."

The other night I was helping an ex boyfriend with his PhD thesis. (Yes, I am indeed a kind soul. He assures me that my kindness will return to me. I could care less if it does as long as I receive the GRE tutoring I have been promised as payment. Karma is nice, but I'm a Roman at heart. It's all about the quid pro quo.) I was helping him, and I had to go to dance class ( I hadn't anticipated that he would need quite that much help.) He was sitting on my couch and he said, "Go to your class. I have my laptop with me. I can make the corrections. When you come back we can finish."

So off I ran to dance class. I usually I take my time chatting afterwards. I have a glass water and talk to the teachers, but not that night. I quickly changed and headed back to my apartment.

I came home, and he was lying on the couch. He ordered food for us while I showered and then we sat on the couch and finished his thesis. "I'm really glad we did this" he said at the end "doing it this way made it a lot less painful."

For me it's been so long since I returned to my apartment to have a man waiting there for me for any reason, I almost forgot how pleasant it was. Even if he had his feet up on the couch. It was nice to have a reason to come home. To have someone waiting.

Even if it was just because he has no concept of comma usage.

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