Student: What do you talk about on a date Prof. Bunni? It must be really intimidating. Like dating an encyclopedia.

The Spinster has informed me that I like an encyclopedia, not just on matters of theater and english, but also medicine, history, and psychology. My students apparently often comment about how I "know everything." I, often, am amazed by my own ignorance and utter lack of education. I can't tell you how many books I should be reading right now. ( Sarrasine by Balzac, Unholy Ghost, the Illness Narratives by Kleinman-not to mention the 277 pages of student writing that remain to be graded before tomorrow morning). Although I know the reference is meant as a compliment, I can't help but feel it is an insult. Aren't professors supposed to know a great deal of material on a range of matters? Am I wrong to think that my knowing a great deal on topics SHOULDN'T be anomalous?

And personally, I don't really feel like I know that much.

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