Emergency Blog Hiatus

OK you know I love you all and I wouldn't want to deprive you of the bounty that is lady bunni's vituperative wit. And certainly not while I am in the process of trying to besmirch John Hensel's good name. ( Actually, I could be helping him out, as a google search never brings up his website. Instead I get linked to a website for videos about lace making. Maybe that's why he isn't calling me back. He's gay or Captain Hook. Christ, maybe he's dating Captain Hook. It would explain why his alter ego of the same name wrote a book on "fancy knots.") But it seems I must declare an emergency hiatus until Monday. I have a ridiculous, or as my students like to write redeculos, amount of reading to do and no elves or vacuuming Russians in sight. (Is there no sympathy? No justice for a little little bunni girl?)

My only consolation is that hopefully you will go and run around barefoot in the grass and smell the daffodils and have some fresh lemonade on the veranda ( oh how I long for a veranda) and smack some of those self righteously happy spring time couples should you see any of them kissing in picturesque settings on my behalf.

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