And G-d Hates You

I was standing at the copier just now and one teacher was telling another about a class she had as an undergraduate. Apparently it was some kind of Eastern philosophy course, and the prof. was a buddhist who was fond of telling her students, "If you don't do your homework, G-d will hate you." Now, I hope the prof. was joking ( although I got the impression that she wasn't). I have to say invoking divine hatred for failure to do homework, well, it's a bit harsh. But then again, if I could harness the wrath of G-d against my students, I would. ( which would be a bit difficult-seein' as I don't believe in him and all, but, well, for that you know I'd give up bacon AND go to temple-once in a while...maybe...)

But I came back here, and with all the groups claiming G-d hates a variety of peopleincluding fig eaters and bad fan fic authors, I began to wonder if anyone had bought the domain My research reveals there is no such site, and I think this is fairly surprising. I guess even slaveringly delusional religious nuts don't want to alienate their fan base. But I was sitting here thinking what an effective insult it is to tell someone G-d hates you. I mean that's way better than the 'my cat hates you' break up cards. "You're lousy in bed, I never liked your singing, I "accidentally" deleted all 240 pages of you Ph.D. thesis, and G-d hates you!"

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