Mail Order Husbands

It's been a rough day. It was rainy out. Your hair just didn't look right no matter how many products you put in. You had a huge run in your stocking, which no one pointed out. You spilled coffee on those important prospectus sheets. Your boss yelled. Your co-workers chortled suspiciously in your presence. You got your period and stained your favorite skirt. You finally made it home. As soon as you open the door, you smell a delicious stew on the stove. A martini is placed in your hand as your suit jacket is removed. As you settle into your comfy chair, strong hands give you a shoulder massage before moving down your legs to remove your shoes and massage your feet. You fall asleep to the soft comforting purring rrrs of your mail order husband, knowing that you will awaken to a clean house and a hot somewhat delicious meal. Log on to and find the foreign man of your dreams.

At the very beginning of this blog, I actually had the idea of mail order husbands. I thought surely there had to be SOME company out there offering them. I mean, there are certainly enough men who want to get into the country, and there are certainly enough American women who will do just about anything to have a wedding. Strangely the massive research team here at bunniblog has not been able to discover any such company.

But clearly there is a viable mail order husband market. So we here at bunniblog think the time is right to create a mail order husband on demand company. I think the company could be called Mail Men. Available suitors would be able to post pictures and qualifications online, while would-be brides could post advertisements for specific qualifications (and perhaps a possible "price" for hard to find or high in demand suitors). Of course, the site would charge women a nominal fee to become members ( probably less than and take a small percentage if a "match" is made.

Of course, marriage is a big commitment, and not all of us gals are ready ( no matter what you men think) to legally bind ourselves to some twit with whom we don't even share a common language. But this being a capitalist society, a side business of Mail Men wouldn't just be mail order husbands, but a rent to own type deal.

Anyone want to buy in?

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