Spin Cycle

Well, after four suicides, a homeless kid in the library, and now a "pot princess" on the cover of the NY freakin' post, I think NYU can kiss it's "prestige" factor good bye for a while. What's amazing that with all the business and communications majors, or former business and communication majors, that no one has come forth with some truly inspiring spin on the topic. Here I thought we lived in a sound bite nation.

What pisses me off is that before this year whenever I told people what I did for living, I was met with a silenced awe. Now I get asked questions like "What up with all those suicides?" or "Did you know the bobst boy? Was he one of your students?"

When I offered criticism about the would be idiocy of my students ( or more accurately willful ignorance) I was often met with disbelief, now my criticism is met with sage head nodding.

Next time I think we need to save money on the spiffy new student center and hire James Carville to do our PR.

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