"Whenever I think I've hit rock bottom, someone throws me a shovel." -Garfield

As if I don't have enough to cope with in terms of panic disorder, depression, my boss calling to ask if I'm going to come back in teach in the Fall, my concern that even though I'm smart I'm not good enough to do another job like one with health insurance, and not to mention the usual living in New York stress I've just found out that my cousin, the closest person I have to a sibling (we were both named after the same person and are both disabled) has been sentenced to 4-5 years in a Federal Prison.

And this is how I started the day.

When I went to Dylan's Candy Bar yesterday I loaded up on goodies (gummi brains, sour worms etc) for tonight's premiere of LovecraCked, and I bought some extra chocolates for myself including a Lion Bar. Apparently a prescient move. I'll be having a lion bar for breakfast before I go run around like a lunatic so that I can be fabulous at this premiere and not worry about the exponentially increasing list of things wrong with my life right now.

I promise I'll finish the Maine stories before Blogathon 2006 but right now I need a two martini breakfast.

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