We Interrupt This Travelogue....
Because the depressed rabbit punched me in the face yesterday to the point that at 6:30 at night, I took two Tylenol PM (a full dose, which is rare for me as I find half a dose usually does it) and decided the day was officially over. Sure I have about 200 pages of student papers I have get through and I was suppose to do my french homework and go to the gym and edit yet another Frehel entry. But I just couldn't do it.

I could go into details about how ridiculous my students are. And I do mean seriously ridiculous. In that last week they decided on groups and they had 3 days to decide on a topic for their group presentations TO BE ANNOUNCED MONDAY. By Monday only two groups had a topic, so again I told them by Wednesday to pick a topic and post it on the discussion board AND LESS THAN HALF OF THEM DID. Let's add to that since these were GROUP PROJECTS that only ONE person in the team had to write the post. It's not like I was asking them to solve the problem of cold fusion overnight. So I had to YELL at them, which I hate, not to mention it threw off my class sched. AGAIN. Afterwards a rousing "This is a course that is supposed to focus on professional communication, and professionalism is something you are DEMONSTRABLY LACKING as I start an 18 person class with something bet 10-12 people EVERY DAY." Lateness, absence, late homework, homework that ignores the guidelines we reviewed in class AND are identified in a hand-out lest they forget between text messaging has already, in 5 weeks, become the norm. And perhaps I wouldn't take any of this so personally if I had you know something to go home to aside from Pleasance the cracked out kitty. But no, just to be the cherry on my day is come home to my 15th high school reunion where I can enjoy having accomplished in 15 years 2 long term relationships with therapists, 2 2 year relationships, exactly one idiot who told me he loved me (again in 15 years), and this fabulous fabulous profession of mine.

To say that I am a black mood doesn't quite capture how horrible I feel right now. If I could vomit my heart on the stop, I would.

But no I'm going to go and teach these morons how to build an effective presentation.

Feel free to send chocolate, roses, martinis, and frenchmen.

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