I Love the 80s: Deeley Boppers

The Necronomicon was "invented" by author H.P. Lovecraft as part of the Cthulhu mythos. Ash and the others are taunted by......Candarian Demons. In the musical, a character sings a musical number entitled "All the men in my life have been killed by candarian demons." It's awesome (and available on itunes, hint hint!)

Blogger Update: HAL 2.0 is acting up so if a post vanishes or something else occurs I'm still awake, most likely threatening HAL with a baseball bat. His failure is, however, slowing down my ability to write posts and read comments so I'm afraid the posts may become less detailed.

I would also like to thank TNT for showing classic X files episodes. Not 80s themed, but ohhhhhhh early David Duchovny (droooooool). Ahem, sorry about that.

Ahhhh Deeley Boppers! Perfect for all occassions-Halloween, Graduation, Valentine's Day, just cruising to the mall. Deeley Boppers could be light up or just plain old ridiculous. As an over the top accessory, profound almost in its ridiculousness, I am a long time lover of deeley boppers. Strangely I no longer have a pair-but I used to have shamrocks AND light up hearts. Oh yeah baby, I RULED.

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