I Love the 80s:Arcade Games
Well I don't quite have the energy to restore my St Elmo's Fire post right now, sorry I'm too busy wanting to kill HAL 2.0 with a baseball bat.

William Atherton was the EPA guy in Ghostbusters. Kent is convinced the voice in his head is God when it commands him to stop wacking off and Prof. Hathaway's office is destroyed by Jiffy Pop. George Lucas wrote Willow.

If you were alive during the 80s, you must have loved arcade games. What was the game in which you guided a little orange monster to jump on certain squares?

Me, I was all about the Pacman. I wasn't alone, in fact there was a Pacman cartoon. Short lived, but sad. What were the name of the ghosts?

Tetris, despite the cold war, a popular fave in my hometown, got its name from what 2 elements?

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