I Love the 80s: Medical Dramedy
Robert England went against type and was cast as a sympathetic alien. V overtly referenced the Holocaust The story remains a Nazi allegory, right down to the Swastika-like emblem used by the Visitors and their SS like uniforms. There is a youth auxiliary called the "Friends of the Visitors" with obvious similarities to the Hitler Youth and Visitor broadcasts mimic Nazi era propaganda. The show's portrayal of human interaction with the Visitors bears a striking resemblance to stories from Occupied Europe during the Second World War with some citizens choosing collaboration and others choosing to join underground resistance movements.

Some of the central characters in the initial series were from a Jewish family and the grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, frequently commented on the events of the past again unfolding.

Long Before Scrubs and ER, there was St Elsewhere and MASH. MASH was based on a movie written by what Academy Award winning screenwriter? MASH ran longer than the Korean War itself running from 1968-1986. What did Radar drink rather than alcohol at the canteen?

St. Elsewhere was part soap, part comedy, and part drama. The last episode was surrounded with controversy. What did the finale suggest that caused such an uproar?

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