I Love the 80s: Val Kilmer
Ring Lardner Jr wrote the move MASH. St Elsewhere ended with the suggestion that the entire series was the dream of an autistic boy. And Radar, such a good boy, drank Grape Nehi and not from the still that Hawkeye created.

Sorry but my party RAGES on into the night (that's for you Jen). Anyway, I have company keeping me awake, but that means that I don't have as much to chat with you all. Have no fear, soon you will have me all to yourselves again soon.

The movie Real Genius featured Val Kilmer. Whenever I see Jon Gries I say "LAZLO buddy! Ice is NICE!" I do so love that film. In the climax of the film, Prof Jerry Hathway's house is destroyed by what? William Atherton played a villanous EPA agent is what iconic 80s movie (I mentioned it in an earlier post.) Kent, the student slave to Prof. Hathway, is convinced that the voice in his head is Jesus when he reveals what information?

Val Kilmer was also in Willow, which I have to love for being a movie with a little person as the hero. Ron Howard (Opie!) directed Willow, but what famed screenwriter and director penned Willow?

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