I Love the 80s: Wine Coolers
Gary Hart was captured on the aptly named Monkey Business.

Ahh would any of us have survived the 80s if not for a steady diet of Bartles and Jaymes Wine Coolers? It certainly made the parties I went to in high school more tolerable. Surprisingly I walked into a drug store the other day and actually saw a six pack of Bartles and Jaymes. Wine coolers paved the way for the singularly awful Zima, but also other "flavored malt beverages" like Twisted Tea and Mike's Hard Lemonade.

What I liked about Bartles and Jaymes wasn't the taste, but the unusual ad campaign. Unlike the beer/liquor ads of today, these ads featured two of the least sexy men you could imagine sitting on a porch and talking about the product. A far cry from "Get a little Captain in you." What was the end line of each of these ads?

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