I Love the 80s: EVIL DEAD!
And just when I think everyone is asleep! Kira, as a female gelfling (good call Jen) has wings, while Jen does not. Jareth was indeed played by David Bowie (Mmmmmm David Bowie), while Ludo has the ability to command the stones (how the heroes defeat the goblin army). Tim Curry, the Sweet Transvestite himself, played Darkness, while Atreyu searched for a human child to give the Childlike Empress a new name in the Never Ending Story.

A bunch of teenagers go to an abandoned cabin...and one gets raped by the trees and another cuts off his own hand...and those are the good parts. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell began a long collaboration (they had worked together for quite some time actually) in 1981 with Evil Dead. Evil dead spawned two sequels and a musical! What's the name of the book in Evil Dead? What famous horror writer did Raimi "borrow" this mythic book from? Ash and the others are taunted by what kind of demons?

Am I the only one who played the scene where he sings his evil thoughts to the girl and she tries to run away from him (but you KNOW she's considering staying. I mean, really, now. He's HOT) over and over again? Srsly. I remember sitting on crappy couches in my college dorm with about twenty other girls hitting rewind, replay over and over and over again...
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