I Love the 80s: Stand By Me
Stand By Me was a favorite summer movie well into high school. It had a young, hot, still alive River Rhoenix who was just bad enough to , well, hot, and just sympathetic enough for a nice girl like me to want to rip his clothes off with my teeth and be OK about it. John Cusack who was THE 80s high school heart-throb had a short turn as Wil Wheaton's dead older brother...oh and did I mention that this film has both Wil Wheaton AND one of the Coreys? (Corey Feldman) How 80s is that? (How did Corey Haim not make the cast?) Oh and Keifer Sutherland played the "villain." Speaking of which, there is even a leech on the testicles scene!

The junkyard dog, Chopper, was trained to sic what part of the human anatomy? Who played the narrator? Who wrote the story on which this movie was based? What were the boys going to see?

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