And since I have a date like EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK (which makes me feel almost as good as being the number one search result for bunniblog on google...almost) with a DIFFERENT GUY EVERY NIGHT. (Live the dream, baby, live the dream.) And so a friend of mine has suggested that I give these men a kind of manual on dating me, since a little bunni like me needs special care. So here is a quote to help all those guys out there hoping to be my special someone:

"Don't be a guy. There are thousands of guys. Be a man." Lili Taylor Say Anything

Oh and this is for ALL OF MAN (and I do men just the men) KIND-call the day after you sleep with a girl. Take five minutes out of your day. Really. It's a small thing that will make all the women of the world, ok all the straight women of the world, much easier. Even if you're call is to say, "Look, last night was great, but I can't see you again because I am actually an alien doing reconnaissance and the mother ship is leaving in five hours, but I shall think of often as I look out at my new home of Alpha Centauri."

Don't you feel better?

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