"Look at me masterbating in the shower. This will be the high point of my day. It's all down hill from here." American Beauty

Ok so I have a lot to write about here. I have been grading and dating and dating and grading.

But first a clarification. I talked about the date of friday, and I said that drunkness and moderate nudity was involved. OK AT NO POINT DID I SAY I WAS NAKED IN A BAR. That would be because I wasn't. My evening involved drinking at one location and nudity at another location, specifically at my apartment. And some of you are disappointed by the coyness of the statement. Some have even go so far as to say that this representative of the "uptight" nature of my generation (Gen X).

another brief aside I would like to rename generation Y generation whine...thank you

OK so for those of you who think that I have shirked my responsibility by telling you what exactly happened, this is a valid point. But the question is where does the responsibility to myself end the responsibility to bunniblog begin. (I can't believe I'm having this serious of a debate for a blog that all of ten people read on a given day if I am exceptionally lucky). So anyway, this issue bcame mor ecomplicated last night when I went on a date with someone who actually reads this blog and fully expects to see the date documented here. This creates in my wierdness because I can not be my usual self as I know I will actually be accountable on some level about what I write. Since bunniblog was originally conceived as a stream of consciousness blog or at least the inner most thoughts of bunni. SO MANY ISSUES FOR A SILLY LITTLE BLOG. SO back to the nudity. Um, many people they didn't get the nasty details. Well, that may be partially because I prefer not to remember them right now. But rest assured you will be getting a lot of details soon.

So let me see, um, date last night. Ok the thing about blind dates (PLEASE FILE UNDER "IT SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA AT THE TIME) is that you are standing there waiting every man becomes a possibility. So there you are nervously awaiting whoever it is (secretly fearing that the homeless guy on the corner is your date) and he finally walks up and your response is "Oh, I can deal with this." It was one of those dates that makes one realize why drinking is such an integral part of dating. First it takes the edges off things, but secondly (and this is why I always drink wine with dinner on a date) being bored can be hidden under a look of hazy tipsiness. There wasn't much material to exploit either way here except a lot of psychobabble about our childhood, which honestly, I pay good money to talk to a shrink about. But my feeling here is that all my dates from hence forward are CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED to supply me with material. You hear that guys, you better have a floor show or some sort of serious party trick before you ask me out. Or, you can always arrive with a lemur (I will also accept sloths, but emus are right out).

This brings me to another chapter in the Book of Dating According to Blogger Kay . Now I would like to specify that this is apparently an issue only for me, but nothing pisses me off more than when a guy asks me out and then he doesn't have a plan. I'm not talking about something major, like the ice capades do a choreographed number just for us in the middle of Washington Square or a thousand lizzards being released into the Bronx just for me. I'm just sayin' have an idea. Like this "non-date" on Sunday. The guy actually gave me three options brunch, drinks, or a movie. He even named a specific film. This makes life much easier for me instead of shifting the responsibility of the date to me. Listen you asked me, that means you should come up with the activites. I hate showing up and hearing "ok so what should we do?" My response from now should be "Look for a tire iron that I can beat you with."

Ok so Chris D is coming over tonight which means two things. Don't expect another entry tonight. And two it means I will be enjoying sensual pleasures. Oh how I miss Chris D. The thing about D, can I call him that please? Ok the thing about D is he is very capable of sudden sweetness. Like the last time I saw him, I commented that he doesn't kiss me on the forehead like he used to. (When we were actually dating five years ago, instead of fooling around on occassion. He was always very affectionate. One time he kissed me on the forehead and then said "i get the feeling some times that you don't actually like it when I am affectionate. That feeling he got came from the fact that I couldn't really tell if he liked me or not and I found those affectionate moments confusing.) As soon as I said it, he kissed me on the firehead. Now true, its an easy thig to do, but D does have one big advantage. He is big in the snuggling. Have snuggling, will travel. ( Hey Jin, is it funny the second time around.) So tomorrow I will wake up in my bed naked snuggling with a beautiful man. And I will be very happy very briefly. Set your watches people.

There is a lot else to write, but I must go. I have therapy and then ballroom and then D. oh yes baby, right THERE...happy now you perverts?

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